Nov 25

Nectar For The Gods #4 Soil “NOW IN STOCK!”


Blend #4:
Nectar’s most popular blend. A general potting mix designed for indoor and outdoor use. Suitable for multiple feedings per week. Mixed in small batches. Contains no bark or fillers. Coir fiber is rinsed on-site with Oregon rainwater and buffered with limestone to reduce salts. After blending and bagging, soil sits unwrapped and covered for up to 30 days to activate, compost and then go dormant, to avoid HOT soil. Ingredients: Sphagnum peat moss, perlite, coir fiber, pumice, mycorrhizal fungi, yucca meal, kelp meal, bone meal, diatomaceous earth, clay, basalt, oyster shell (for pH adjustment), humus and lime (for pH adjustment).


Aug 17

Nectar for the Gods “The Kraken” – NOW IN STOCK!!

The Kraken 0-4-0 is made of crab and shrimp shell, with no meal or no meal nitrogen. The shells of the crab and shrimp are rich in Chitin and phosphorous, which is made available through the digestion process.  You can use the Kraken and the Bloom Khaos as a foliar spray, on alternating sprays, that will help promote more natural oils and resin.



Jul 15

House & Garden – FULL LINE! NOW IN STOCK!


Grow your own success with House & Garden nutrients from Holland. For more than twenty years these premium plant foods have been made in small batches — using only the highest quality food grade ingredients — to ensure consistent quality and AMAZING results.


Jul 15

Mammoth P – NOW IN STOCK!


MAMMOTH P™ is the first organically derived microbial inoculant that maximizes phosphorus and micronutrient cycling to maximize growth, increase yield and enhance plant health.


Developed by Growcentia’s founders at a leading US University using next generation technology. Extensively tested by Colorado growers and proven to increase growth by independent labs.

Our beneficial bacteria act like micro bioreactors, continually producing enzymes that release nutrients. Reduces the need for a separate enzyme additive.

Increased levels of phosphorus keep internodes shorter and focuses energy on bud production.

Shields the plant rhizosphere by outcompeting potentially harmful pathogenic microbes.

For use as a supplement to any fertilizer program.

Safe for use in soil, soilless, and hydroponic systems.

Sep 10

Mills Vitalize NOW IN STOCK!

Mills Vitalize – NOW IN STOCK!!

Silicon is the most abundant element in the earth’s crust and of vital importance to all life on the planet. Everyone needs silicon. Both man, animal and plants grow stronger from it and are better equipped to fight diseases and bacteria. Despite these facts, the element is not used much in the horti- and agriculture. The main reason is because silicon is very hard to extract. Or so it was, until recently. Mills Vitalize Silicon sprung to life when a professor developed a revolutionary, unique and patented method to liberate silicic acid from the silicon element. Granting Mills to the sole right to use his invention, this makes Mills Silicon the ONLY nutrient that provides your crop with everything it needs. The benefits for growers – big or small, professional or hobbyist – are almost too numerous to count. Vitalize by Mills Nutrients is a monosilicic acid bio stimulant that will increase your plant vigor, increase the number of node sites and strengthen your plant to help protect it the entire veg and bloom cycles.

  • *A natural insurance
    *A unique, concentrated and stabilized form of silicic acid – a bio available form of silicon
    *Easy to use as a Foliar fertilizer
    *Is not poisonous and leaves no residue on the product
    *Improves the crop’s immune system
    *Improves the crop’s resilience against insects
    *Alleviates the amount of antibiotic stress, such as water- and salinity stress.
    *Acts as a bio-stimulant in the plant production system
    *Improves the germinative capacity in both saline and dry environments.
    *Improves the root structure in both size and weight.
    *Reduces perspiration and optimizes water management.
    *Improves the absorption of nutrients and its utilization in the the plant production system
    *Immobilizes heavy toxic metals
    *Improves the yield and the quality of the product
    *Reduces water loss in fruit and vegetables after harvesting.
    *Improves the tenability of fruit and vegetables
    *Suitable for mixing with other fertilizers or other protective means.
    *Suitable for all kinds of crop

Jun 21

Myco Fusion NOW IN STOCK!

NOW IN STOCK! Myco Fusion’s High Performance Mycorrhizal Products!

GREEN 150 – Is one of the most effective granular endomycorrhizal inoculants on the planet! It is packed with a complex matrix of beneficial organisms that promote amazing plant health and growth.

HYDRO GREEN 110 – Is the suspendable version of GREEN 150. Taking care in the micronizing of our product is key to providing a highly effective product that can be applied in a variety of ways.

RHIZO CHARGE 2.0 – Is step 2 after inoculation. It is key in delivering myco symbiotic organisms to the rhizosphere to aid in root colonization.

BIO JOLT 1.5 – Is a natural bio stimulant drench product applied periodically to further enhance plant growth and yield.

Mycos Fusion

Apr 06

NOW IN STOCK! Down to Earth, Pro-Organic Mix!

NOW IN STOCK! Down to Earth, Pro-Organic Mix! 2.5 cubic feet of pure garden goodness!! Our professional growing medium specially formulated for organic growers. A lightweight, ready to use mix with exceptional water retention and optimum air capacity. Enhanced with Organic Worm Compost, Biological Inoculants and Organic Fertilizers to encourage expansive root development and efficient nutrient uptake.

Contains: Coarse Sphagnum Peat Moss, Coir Fiber, Perlite, Organic Worm Compost, Diatomite, Dolomitic Limestone (for pH adjustment), Yucca Schidigera Extract (Natural Wetting Agent) plus Organic Fertilizers, Mycorrhizal Fungi and Biological Inoculants

OMRI Listed
MycoApply Certified

California Department  of Food & Agriculture

California Department of Food & Agriculture

DTE Pro-Organic Mix 2.5cf Bag

DTE Pro-Organic Mix 2.5cf Bag

DTE Pro-Organic Mix 2.5cf Bag

DTE Pro-Organic Mix 2.5cf Bag

Mar 30

15% OFF This Week on Seed Starting Packages!

Stop in and get your seed starting package, 15% OFF This Week! You get a package of High Mowing heirloom, non-GMO seeds of your choice (48 varieties to choose from), a package of Root Riot starter plugs, propagation dome, tray and insert for $26.00 plus tax. Get Growing!

Seed Starting Package #1

Seed Starting Package #1